The Munich Daguerre-Triptych


The Munich Daguerre-Triptych

One of the icons in history of photography is the Munich Daguerre-Triptych with the view of the Boulevard du temple in Paris, photographed by Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre in 1839. When it was removed during world war II from the archive it became severely damaged by environmetal influences. Between 1972 and 1974 an attempt was made to restore the daguerreotypes, but remained without success.

My photographs represent the three daguerreotypes in their today’s condition. Clouds of bubbles, puddles of liquids and flashes of scratches cut across the images. At a closer look concrete details of a realistic image are visible: windows and a pitched roof of a house, lines of trees and chimneys.

Now following questions arise: Shall one talk rather of photographies than of images on the surface of metal plates, even though the images of Daguerre are not visible any more? My answer was: yes, but only by means of appropriation or transformation. The photographic ruins of Daguerre become, transformed through the restorer on the one hand and through my exposures on the other hand, compensated through traces of chemical and mechanical intervention.

year: 2010
year of production: 2014
image size framed: each 72 x 90 cm
material: c-prints
presentation: wooden framework with museum glass

Download of the folder about the History of the Munich Daguerre-Triptych (german, english, french) >>>